195  (Early Series)   Small two-bulge vase with square mouth.
Does this shape appear in other series?  No - not in other series but curiously it previously appeared in the Early Series, as Early Series 174. We can only speculate as to the reason. Most likely Premier realised their mistake in having two shapes numbered 174 and promptly corrected it by giving this one a new number.

Early unsigned and un-numbered examples are also recorded.
A similar shape but with a round mouth appears as Later Series 48. 
There is a jug version of this shape, Early Series 190.

Height; 9.5 - 10 cm

Collection; Shepparton Art Gallery
Gift of Dr.H.D.Chamberlain, 1987
Left; incised 174, right; incised 195
Both are Early Series.

An example is also recorded mistakenly incised 159 instead of 195.
(Mistakes did happen - see the 'Pitfalls' page.)

Collection; the late John Fortuna

Shape book 'C'

Youngs Auctions
Collectors Path Pottery,
Ashwood Vic.