By 'jug' is meant any piece with a formed spout in its lip, and a handle attached to the body on the side opposite the spout. (Never mind that most Remued jugs were just decorative or for use as vases, not really intended for pouring.)

Cylindrical jugs  (and vases etc.)

Barrel-shaped jugs  (and vases)

Conic-shaped jugs   Jugs whose main body shape includes a prominent conical element.

Squat jugs    Short and plump; width equals or exceeds height.

Jugs with a bulbous base and
flaring or elongated throat

Small jugs     Less than about 10 cm tall

Very tall jugs     More than about 24 cm tall

Other jug shapes     A few jugs that don't fit any of the above categories.

Un-numbered PPP jugs