Vases, Jugs, Cigarette Holders.
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Pamela cylinder vases
Cylinder vases

Inch suffixes range from 3 to 14 and most sizes are recorded in both decorated and undecorated versions.

145/4M          145/14
Cylinder vase, slightly flared mouth, ribbed at base

Cylinder vase, no flare, ribbed at base

Small ribbed cylinder, flared foot

Small squat cylinder, with foot

Cylindrical vases with constricted mouth,
raised flat bands.
The Junk Company,
Pamela Series 31
Early Series 180     No numbered example recorded.

Cylindrical cup-shaped vase with foot

Collection; Shepparton Art Gallery
Short cylindrical jug

*   Early Series 139

Cylindrical jugs

Pamela 27
*   Early Series 172

Wide cylinder jug, ribbed

Early Series 250

Ice jug

Later Series 72

Plain cylindrical jugs

* Early Series 79
Later Series 145  (no numbered example recorded,
                        but plenty of un-numbered!)

Cylinder vase with slightly flaring lip and foot

Early Series / PPP 3

Left; Tyabb Packing House
Tyabb, Vic.

Collection; Michael West
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Wide cylinder vase, ribbed

Early Series 231

Stuart Lawson

Cylindrical jug with footed base and flared lip

Early Series 2

Small ribbed cylindrical pot

Later Series 502

Collection; 'W'
A fine collection of cylindrical vases. Early and Later Series.

Cigarette holders

* Early Series 187    (no numbered example recorded)
Early Series 219
Early Series 328   
Later Series 55      (no numbered example recorded)
Vase, straight-sided 'glue-pot' shape

* Early Series 116