'Small' is taken to mean less than about 10 cm in height.
Some of these shapes come in multiple size variants that include larger sizes as well.
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Small pot-bellied jug

Early Series 29
500 Series 507

Small squat jug

Early Series/PPP 56

Small jug with bulbous body, flaring mouth

Early Series 131

Small creamer jug

Pamela 4
Early Series 119X
Later Series 21

Small jug, wide flaring shape with 3-way mouth

* Early Series 407

Small teardrop-shaped jug

Early Series 421

Wide conical milk jugs

Later Series 77

Cream jug

Later Series 92

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Small jug with ribbed bulbous body and flaring top

Early Series 181

Small wide-mouth jug

Early Series/PPP 66

Small upright cream jug

Early Series/PPP 67

Small jug with narrowed throat

Early Series/PPP 12

Small plump cream-jug

Early Series/PPP 69

Small ribbed conical jug

Early Series 152
500 Series 506

Un-numbered small jugs
Small plump jugs. Height 9 - 11 cm. Several examples are recorded, all un-numbered. Some incised Remued, some unsigned. Some with very early rugose handles hence probably made before numbering was introduced in 1934. Based on a shape-book entry, they could possibly be Early Series 179, for which no numbered example is recorded.