Barrel vases

Early Series 114
Later Series 64

A true barrel shape. Early Series 114 came in several sizes, with and without applied decoration. The Later Series version however came in only one size and is relatively rare.


'Barrel' is taken to include any shape whose sides have a steady gentle outward curvature - including shapes that are somewhat taller and more slender than a true barrel.

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Plump barrel vase, small collar lip.

Early Series 142
Later Series 45

Small barrel vase
Early Series 147
500 series 505
Later Series 37

Large 'beehive' barrel

Early Series 18
Alphabet Series 'D'

Small 'beehive' barrel
Early Series 257
Later Series 34
'A' Series / Kerryl A103

Small plump barrel vase, conic flaring collar

Early Series 44
Later Series 47

Big barrel vase, high flaring conic collar
Early Series 300
500 Series 523
Later Series 23

Small plump barrel-shaped pot, ribbed near base.

Early Series 327

Ribbed barrel-shaped pot with foot

Later Series 196

Tall slender barrel-shaped vase

Early Series / PPP 107
Early Series 460
Perhaps 'barrel' is the wrong term for such a slender shape, but its curvature is barrel-like.

Jardiniere, small collar lip

Later Series 68

Slender agate-ware barrel vases

Later Series 186
Later Series 188, 189
Later Series 192, 193

Small ribbed barrel-shaped jug

Early Series 146
500 Series 506
Later Series 38

Tall barrel-shaped jug, small lip

Early Series 308

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Barrel-shaped vase with pinched mouth

Early Series 409

Large plump barrel-shaped vase, small collar lip

Early Series 116

Jug, plump barrel-shaped body with flaring lip

Early Series 6
Pamela Series 17

Barrel vase

Later Series 504

Small barrel, un-numbered

Un-numbered and unsigned.
Judging by the glazes, a 1930s piece.
Height;  7.4 cm

Pamela barrel, un-numbered

Un-numbered, incised Pamela 1934.
Height;  15 cm
Rare. Less plump than the Early Series 114 barrel.