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Round ashtray, with flaring foot and applied koala

* Early Series 4B

This shape is contemporary with the Early Series but may belong to a separate small 'Animal' series.

Round ashtrays, & cigarette holders

Early Series 219
Later Series 55
'A' Series/Kerryl A7  

Round ashtray

Later Series 197
One of the very last shapes in the Later Series.

Collection; Stuart Lawson

Commemorative ashtrays

Un-numbered. Recorded examples depict Cook, Batman, and Fawkner. Produced for Victoria's centenary in 1934 along with a variety of other commemorative items.

Diameter;  9 cm.  Base incised  Remued.

Square ashtrays

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Combined ashtray and candlestick

Ashtray and cigarette holder

Cigarette holder

Collection;  Stuart Lawson

Ashtray, leaf pattern

Long Gone Antiques & Collectables, Warrnambool Vic.

Bowl ashtray with notched lip

Un-numbered. The style and glazes place these in the 1950s, contemporary with the Later Series but they do not appear in the shape books.
Height; 5 cm

Collection; Stuart Lawson

Un-numbered round ashtrays

Catherine Webb
research collection
Un-numbered cigarette holders
Steve Lawrence
Height;  5 - 5.7 cm. Bases incised  Remued
Un-numbered but thought to be Early Series 187
Height; about 5 cm.
Un-numbered, unsigned.
Thought to be Later Series 55

Isabella House, NW Vic.

Collection; Daniel Duda
Diameters 8 - 8.5 cm. Bases incised Remued.

   Allan & Myrtle James Collection
Diameters; 10 & 9 cm. Bases incised Remued
John Fortuna

Small dish, or Ashtray

Collection; Terry Cheetham

Plain PPP ashtray. Diameter; 9 cm.
These ashtrays are unusual in that the PPP monogram is not stamped but impressed.
(For an impressed Pamela mark see Pamela Series 25)

G&H Collection
Collection; 'W'
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