In pottery terms a 'basket' may be defined as a vase with a handle that goes across its mouth from side to side. The shape usually imitates a real woven cane basket but not always. Premier Pottery Preston made several basket shapes over the years. One of them, the 'classic Remued basket', was their top-selling product and is relatively plentiful today.

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Collection; Stuart Lawson
Earliest shape; Pamela 1934
The classic Remued basket

The shape is first recorded from 1934 in the Pamela Series as Pamela 8, and there are also un-numbered Pamela examples.

Early Series
During 1934 the basket entered the Remued Early Series as number 194. The earliest 194 baskets were like Pamela in that their shape was more upright, less flared than the familiar later shape.
They sold well. Different sizes were introduced and applied gumleaf decoration appeared. The use of suffixes evolved as the range expanded, resulting in a rather messy array of numbers to confront the present-day collector. Click here for the Early Series 194 catalogue page.

500 Series
When the Early Series was superseded by the 500 Series the baskets were re-numbered 501. Inch suffixes were used eg 501/4, 501/6. The 500 Series was short-lived, however, and most items are rare. Not every size of basket is yet represented in the image database. Even so, the 501 baskets are more common than any other item in the 500 Series.
Click here for the 500 Series 501 catalogue page.

Later Series
The Later Series replaced the 500 Series and once again it was the classic basket that led the numbering, being allocated number 1. Inch suffixes were used ranging from 1-4 to 1-12.  Unlike the Early Series, the Later Series baskets never featured applied gumleaves or grapevines.
Sizes up to 8 inch have two-strand handles but 10 inch and above have three strands (with rare exceptions). Occasionally two-strand examples are found non-twisted.
Click here for the Later Series 1 catalogue page.

'A' Series / Kerryl
The same shape - from the same potter, Allan James - reappeared in the Kerryl range where curiously it is found with two numbers;  A89  recorded in a range of sizes, and also A116 with so far only a single example.

Eric Smith
500 Series 501/4
   Later Series 1-4 to 1-12
'A' Series / Kerryl A89-6

Four-lobed baskets
These are a variation on the 'classic' basket. They are considerably less common, particularly the Later Series version which is rare.

Small cup-shaped basket
A rare item.
Stuart Lawson

Spherical basket

Early Series 194/10M
Slender upright baskets

Cup-shaped baskets with foot

Flat-bottomed basket, wavy lip

A rare item.

...and finally....
A bizarre shape (un-numbered) that combines two Later Series 1-4 baskets.
It was probably an experiment, perhaps a one-off.
Collection; Stuart Lawson

Shallow basket with wavy lip; Sweet Dish

Collection; John Fortuna

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Elongate fluted basket with foot

Collection; Hannah Tennant Keel
Collection; 'W'