Jugs that are short and plump. Width of body equals or exceeds height.

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Round bulbous jug with flaring wavy lip

Early Series 8

Jug with bulbous body, high wide spout
and cut-down sides

Early Series 10

Round bulbous jug

Early Series 11

Small squat jug

PPP/Early Series 56
Pamela 5

Squat jugs

Early Series 173
500 Series 513

Wide jug

Early Series 185

Dutch jugs

Later Series 69

Un-numbered Dutch jugs

*  No numbered examples are recorded, but
catalogued with Later Series 69 which is rather similar.

Wide conical milk jugs

Later Series 77

Cream jug and sugar bowl

* Later Series 92 & 92B

Army jugs

Later Series 113      (no example recorded)

Plump jug, flared lip

Early Series 33

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