A wide variety of shapes is encompassed here - spherical, bulb-shaped, onion-shaped etc. They grade into what could also be described as plump barrels, or baluster shapes, or wide pots - if you can't find it here try one of those categories. A few in-between shapes are listed in more than one category.

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Small globe-shaped bowls, tricorn mouth

Early Series 14
500 Series 531
Later Series 40

Small bulbous bowl, tapering to base

Early Series 21

Globe-shaped vase, flared wide mouth

Early Series 27

Globe-shaped vases with conic flared lip

Early Series 20
Early Series 28

Globe-shaped bowls

Early Series 32

Large globe-shaped vase with foot and small flared lip

Early Series 39

Large plump pot, small flared lip

Early Series 50

Globe-shaped bowls
A particularly popular and enduring shape.
Pamela Series 6
Early Series 53
Early Series 220
500 series 533
Later Series 30
'A' Series /Kerryl A65

Small bulbous vase, narrow neck, flared mouth

Early Series 100

Squat bulbous pots, indented at equator, small flared lip
Pamela Series 19
Early Series 151

Bulbous pot, small flared lip

Early Series 154

Two-handled globular bowls, conic flaring lip.

Pamela Series 25
Early Series 176

Spherical vase with narrow throat, small flared lip, and foot

Early Series 249

Small plump baluster-shaped vase

Early Series 256

Large bulbous pot, wide mouth with small flaring lip

Early Series 303

Large bulbous pot widening to base,
wide mouth with flaring lip

Early Series 304

Small globe-shaped bowl with conic flaring lip
Pamela Series 24
Early Series 331

Small pots, wide mouth with collar, no flare
Early Series 401  (dimpled)
Later Series 44
Early Series 67

Globe-shaped vase, impressed dimples, concentric ridges around mouth

Pamela Series 12

'Bomb-shaped' vase; bulbous with high wide collar

Early Series 135

Large globe-shaped jardiniere

Early Series 227
Later Series 31

Plump vase, small flare

Later Series 178

Bulbous vase, small collar lip.

Later Series 180

Un-numbered example
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Onion-shaped vase, no flare.

Early Series 103

Globe-shaped vase with small flaring lip

Early Series 258

Globular vase with foot and small flaring lip

'A' Series / Kerryl 12

Globe-shaped vase with equatorial grooves & small flaring lip; UN-NUMBERED
Quite a few examples or this shape are recorded. Some are unmarked, some are signed Remued, but none has an incised number (with the possible exception of a solitary faint 264? 261?) The reason for such a consistently un-numbered shape is unknown. They don't come from the period before numbering began - as evidenced by the glazes and twig-handles. Also, there are examples - less common - with gumleaf decoration.

Height; 8 - 10 cm.

Norman Collection

Large globular flask-shaped vase, short neck

Early Series 55