Premier Pottery Preston produced candlesticks in several designs, mainly in the Early Series. Most are of chamberstick style ie candlesticks with a dish and carrying handle.

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Short chamberstick, conical base.

Tall chamberstick

               including lamp-base version

Chamberstick, flattened shape

Short chamberstick, dished base

Chamberstick with heart-shaped dish.

Tall chambersticks, tapering cupped stem.

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Candle stick holder

     No example in image database.
     See shape book sketch for Later Series 197 ashtray.

Small candle stick, dished base

Un-numbered and unsigned.
Dimensions not recorded.
Perhaps one of the "odd candle sticks" below?

Catherine Webb
research collection

Koala candlestick / Lamp base

* Un-numbered but catalogued at  Early Series 13 .
These are the only candlesticks recorded with applied decoration.
Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts

'odd Candle Sticks'

Un-numbered   These appear at the end of the shape book following the last of the Later Series. No example of either is recorded.

Shape book 'A'

Ashtray candlestick, un-numbered

Un-numbered, unsigned. Diameter 13 cm.
Uncertain whether this is from Premier or Kerryl.

Allan & Myrtle James Collection

PPP tall chamberstick, spiral handle

Un-numbered but catalogued with Early Series / PPP 25
of which it is possibly a variant.

C5 does not fit any known numbering system (although the 'Alphabet' Series does use the number C5).
The glazes here look like Later Series. The shape resembles an un-numbered "Candle stick holder made from large ball" that appears in Later Series shape books near the end; see Later Series 197 for a sketch.

     Norman Collection
Height; 10 cm. Length of foot; 15 cm (left), 20 cm (right).  
All unsigned. Cream example un-numbered. Bases of green pair incised C5.
Table candlesticks, with (?)serviette rings
Short Chamberstick

Later Series 506  
Short chamberstick with lip, dished base