mostly Early Series, numbered

Early Series vase shapes suffixed 'B' (koalas) or 'Z' (lizards, kookaburras), and some larger animals in the form of figurines and bookends. Figures attributed to John Castle-Harris. .

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Three-dimensional modelled figures also appear on some one-off studio pieces made by other  potters at Premier; click here.

For low-relief figures (ie two-dimensional)  click here.

Round ashtray

Early Series 4 B     Koalas, lizard, kookaburra.

Wide shallow dish, inward-tapering sides

Early Series 5 B    Koalas, lizard.

Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts

Vase with flaring base

Early Series 7 B    Koalas, lizards.

'Volcano-shaped' vase

Early Series 9 B

Candlesticks / Lamp bases

* Early Series 13 B

Allan & Myrtle James Collection

Large 'beehive' barrel

Early Series 18 B      

Shallow dishes

Early Series 24/11      Lizard and koalas both recorded.

Tall cylindrical vase, flared base

Early Series 36 Z          Kookaburra
E.J. Ainger

Plump vase, small flare

Early Series 37 Z         Skink lizard

Wall pocket vases

Early Series 209/6B & 209/10B
Including moulded koalas that are less than fully 3-dimensional.
Collection; Shepparton Art Gallery

Ribbed bulb base, throat widening upwards

Early Series 314/5B    

Vase with bulbous body, prominent foot
and high wide flaring lip
Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts
  *  Early Series 320/6        
Koala bookends

Early Series 337
Leonard Joel

Koala bookends

Early Series 339

Kangaroo bookends

Early Series 341

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Kerryl slip-cast vases

'A' Series / Kerryl A47              Nautilus shell
'A' Series / Kerryl A70             Scallop shell
'A' Series / Kerryl A92             Scallop shell
'A' Series / Kerryl A95              Swan 
'A' Series / Kerryl A113             Kookaburra
'A' Series / Kerryl A121        Fish & coiled shell
'A' Series / Kerryl A122        Fish & coiled shell 

Flaring cone-shaped bowl with foot

Early Series 19
                Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts                                          

Tall plump vase with spout in lip

Early Series 36 z
Shapiro Auctioneers, Sydney

'Waisted cylinder' vase

Early Series 338

Shapiro Auctioneers, Sydney
Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts
Candlestick / Lamp base
Height; 13.5 cm

Height; 7 cm.

EK Collection.    Image; Shapiro Auctioneers, Sydney                                       Emily Corbett
Globe-shaped vases with two koalas embedded
Height; 17 - 18 cm. Shape is like Early Series 50L.  "Half-koalas"; L two front halves, R two side halves.

For Early Series 4 ; 5  ; 7 ; 9 ; & 13, it is unclear whether the numbering represents re-allocation of Early Series numbers that had become disused, or comprises a separate little 'Animal' numbering series.
Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts
Kookaburra jug
Height; 17 cm.
(Compare with 'A' Series 113)
Some un-numbered 3-D animal pieces
(See also under 'Specials and One-offs' and  'Selections from the Hurnall collection'.)
Small flask with bulb base, wide throat and round mouth

Early Series 198/4B    

Large bulbous pot widening to base, wide mouth with flaring lip

Early Series 304 B

Terry Cheetham
Waisted vase with 2-cone base & conic flare

Early Series 313/5B    

  Tall vase
Height; 32 cm. Shape like
Early Series 144 but much taller.
Robert Bridgman
Tall vase with embedded koalas
                    Height; 31 cm.