Including some 'jardiniere' pieces but generally not globe-shaped vases which appear in a separate category; click here for Bulbous and Globe-shaped Vases

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Small bulbous pot, wavy flared lip

Early Series 16

Globe-shaped vase, flared wide mouth

Early Series 27

Small bowls with two handles
Early Series / PPP 36
Early Series / PPP 37
Three feet
'Ginger-jar' vases
Early Series 28
Early Series 42
500 Series 524
Later Series 24

Large plump pots, small flared lip

Early Series 50

Plump conical vase,
mouth widening to collar

Early Series 126

Wide-mouth pot, sides tapering gently upwards

Early Series 146

Squat bulbous pots, indented at equator,
small flared lip

Early Series 151
Pamela Series 19

Bulbous pot, small flared lip

Early Series 154

Conical vase with wide mouth, slightly flared

Early Series 180

Waisted 2-cone vases

Early Series 213
Later Series 52

Small conical 'inkwell' vases
Early Series 223
Later Series 58
'A' Series / Kerryl A110  (no example recorded)

Small pot, wide mouth, flared lip

Early Series 224
Later Series 59

Small vase with wide base, narrowed flaring neck

Early Series 237

Wide vase with 2-cone base, flaring conic lip

Early Series 238

Large wide pot with gently flaring lip and prominent foot

Early Series 255

Small plump baluster-shaped vase

Early Series 256

Large bulbous pot, wide mouth with small flaring lip

Early Series 303

Large bulbous pot widening to base,
wide mouth with flaring lip

Early Series 304

Small pot with shoulder and vertical collar, no flare

Early Series 322
500 Series 503
Later Series 11

Small dimpled pot, wide mouth with collar, no flare.

Early Series 401

Plump pot, dimpled, wavy rim, no flare.

Early Series 402
500 Series 526
Later Series 12

Wide pot, dimpled, wavy flared lip
Early Series 403
500 Series 521
Later Series 41

Small squat cylinder, with foot

Early Series 138
Later Series 18

Small plump barrel-shaped pot,
ribbed near base

Early Series 327

Large jardinieres, plump baluster form.

Early Series 269
Early Series 310 Two handles
Alphabet Series 'B'

Small pot, wide mouth with upright collar, no flare.

Early Series 67
Later Series 44

Jardiniere, collar lip.

Later Series 68

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Small pot, wide mouth with upright collar, no flare.

Early Series 57

Large plump pot, wide mouth with small collar lip.

Early Series 301

Jardiniere with indented waist

Early Series 34

Small pot, wide mouth, sharp shoulder

Early Series 102

Sugarbowl, wide mouth with flare

Early Series 69


Early Series 140