Vases whose main body shape includes a prominent conical element.
Includes shapes with two cones, but does not include shapes whose only conic element is a flaring lip.

The list excludes jugs. For cone-shaped jugs click here.

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Two-cone vase with conic flare
Early Series 4
Early Series 19

Angular 'egg-cup' vase

Early Series 15
500 Series 502
Later Series 7
'A' Series / Kerryl A105

Small waisted vase, conic base, 4-way mouth

Early Series 46

Plump conical vase, mouth widening to collar

Early Series 126

Small pot with shoulder and collar lip

Early Series 132

Two-cone pots, collar lip

Early Series 137
Later Series 187  Agate ware

Large vase, gently tapering upwards
with small flaring collar
Pamela Series 15
Pamela Series 16
Early Series 144

Wide-mouth pot, sides tapering gently upwards

Early Series 146

Small conical 'inkwell' vases
Early Series 150             Ribbed
Later Series 33               Ribbed
Early Series 223
Later Series 58
'A' Series / Kerryl A110    No example recorded

Wall pocket vases, flattened conical shape

Early Series 209
Later Series 15

Small pot with shoulder and collar lip

Early Series 213
Later Series 52

Wide vase with 2-cone base, flaring conic lip

Early Series 238

Ribbed conic base, flared bulb top

Early Series 239
Later Series 162

Small vase with ribbed conical base, wide
straight throat and slightly flared lip

Early Series 240
Later Series 5
Later Series 60  Gently conic throat

Conical vases, widening up to 4-way mouth
Early Series 270
Later Series 25

Waisted vases with 2-cone base
Early Series 313
Later Series 61
*   'A' Series / Kerryl A104
Early Series 459          Oval-mouth version
'A' Series / Kerryl A30   Oval-mouth version

Conic beakers     Various sizes and shapes.
Early Series 451  Large 'flower-pot' vase
Early Series 457
500 Series 505
Later Series 79  
Later Series 80  Drinking mug
Later Series 135
'A' Series A3  

Wide squat vase of flattened conical form, large flaring lip
Early Series 93  (no example recorded)
Early Series 94

Low-angle cone vase

Later Series 35   'Flying saucer'

Two-cone shape, small throat with flared lip

Later Series 46

Fan vases

*  Various - see separate Fan Vases page

Conical vase, with wide mouth, slightly flaring

Early Series 180

Small vase, conic base and bulbous top

Early Series 179

Slender conic carafe, flaring lip

Early Series 156

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Flaring open conical bowl with foot

Early Series 19

Two-cone vase with narrowed straight collar

Early Series 124
Later Series 46

Tall slender two-cone vase

Early Series 46

Plump two-cone vase, ribbed upper section

Early Series 25