(other than jugs, plates, dishes, & open bowls )

Many of these utilitarian items originate from the period 1942-45 when wartime restrictions were in force. Most are rare today, known only from surviving shape books.

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Jugs, and plates, dishes & open bowls are omitted here because they have their own dedicated pages.

Pots with lids
Early Series 72     Butter tub with lid
Early Series 83     Plug-shaped lid, plain lip on pot 
Later Series 75     Flat lid, indented lip on pot 
Later Series 117    Army pickle jar
Later Series 74     Butter tub with lid

Un-numbered PPP like Early Series 83 & 72

Later Series 76
Cups & mugs      Various sizes and shapes
Most of the cups and mugs in the catalogue are from the Later Series (see list below), generally dating from 1942-45 when wartime restrictions were in force.
The image database contains few Early Series example but this surviving fragment of a shape book shows some more.
The 'saggar' referred to in the top left panel is a clay box used in the kiln during firing. 'Mr.Hawkins' is of course Reg Hawkins, one of Premier Pottery's principals and the firm's decorator. Perhaps an example of the Golf Mug might yet be found inside a trophy cabinet somewhere?
The same book also refers to a 'Tea Set' but has no sketch. 

Early Series 87   (no example recorded)
Early Series 89   PPP mug
Later Series 73
Later Series 80 
Later Series 82
Later Series 114 & 115   Army mugs 
Later Series 116   Army cups 
Later Series 129   Mug, Migrant Camp 
Later Series 138   Tankard 
Later Series 147
'A' Series / Kerryl A48 

Shaving Mugs & inserts
Various shapes. All are Later Series, produced 1942-45 under wartime restrictions.
No numbered example is recorded.

Liqueur sets
Flasks and glasses were produced to order for Baitz Liqueurs of Melbourne.
Various shapes of glasses were produced but no recorded example is numbered.
Collection; Shepparton Art Gallery
Gift of Maurice Stebbings   1989.39

Ramekins and ramekin saucers 
(many have no recorded example)

Later Series 83    Ramekins, 2 sizes
'A' Series A1    Small ramekin
'A' Series A2 (& Kerryl M17)    Large ramekin
'A' Series A16  Large ramekin with two handles
'A' Series A17  Small ramekin with one handle
'A' Series A18  Large ramekin with one handle
'A' Series A19  Small ramekin with two handles
'A' Series A20  Small ramekin with one  handle
'A' Series A21  Small ramekin with one handle and lid
'A' Series A22  Large ramekin with two handles and lid
'A' Series A23  Small ramekin, no handle
'A' Series A24  Large ramekin, no handle
'A' Series A26  Ramekin saucers, 2 sizes

The 'A' Series was produced alongside 1950s Later Series.  Production continued and expanded at Kerryl Pottery after Premier closed in 1956, but the ramekins listed above were already in production before then. For a general note on the 'A' Series click here.
Most listed above are known only from shape-book sketches. Numbered examples are recorded for A1, A2, A23, A24 and A26 only.

Collection;  Stuart Lawson
Un-numbered ramekins, like Later Series 83 but
with painted decoration.
Tyabb Packing House, Tyabb, Vic.
Ramekin A1 and Saucer A26 s

Toothbrush holder 

Later Series 148   (no example recorded)

Milk saver

'A' Series / Kerryl A14  

Bread crocks

Later Series 119  Two sizes (no example recorded)

Salt & Pepper shakers

*  Shape-book fragment from the Early Series period. No example known.

Kerryl M15 condiment set. Salt, pepper and mustard.
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Early Series/PPP 89

Teapots and Coffee Pots

Later Series 123  (no numbered example recorded)
Later Series 133 
Later Series 134

Un-numbered  teapots and coffee pots

Egg cups

Later Series 96
Later Series 78   
'A' Series / Kerryl A4
Eric Smith
LEFT  Collection; Michael West,
RIGHT  Long Gone Antiques & Collectables, Warrnambool Vic.

Later Series 79
'A' Series / Kerryl A3 
There are also other beaker shapes, but larger or more decorative; see conical vases.

Judith Matheson
Graham Lancaster Auctions
Long Gone Antiques & Collectables,
Warrnambool, Vic.
Base incised Remued.
Height; 14.5 cm.
   Shapiro Auctioneers, Sydney
Base stamped Premier Potteries, Oakover Road, Preston
Height; 18 cm.

  Shape book 'C'
Small conic-shaped teapot. No example recorded, known only from this faint shape-book sketch. No shape-number mentioned. Height 10 cm.
Image; Catherine Webb research collection
Un-numbered. No base images. The egg-cup is like Later Series 96.  The teapot perhaps resembles Later Series 123 although that is labelled 'Coffee Jug'.
Sugar bowls
Later Series 76   Bowl with lid
Later Series 92 B  With cream jug
Later Series 125  (no example recorded)
There were also several sugar bowls in the PPP range, most belonging to cream-jug-and-sugar-bowl sets. Some are known from shape book entries only - Early Series numbers 566668; 85.
PPP sugar bowls for which examples are recorded are 67;  6974.     See also Kerryl 'M' Series M10 & M15
Allan & Myrtle James Collection
Un-numbered, unsigned.
Height with lid; 10 cm.
Tyabb Packing House, Tyabb, Vic.
Un-numbered PPP
commemorative mug

Early Series 156

Brian Tonkin

          G&H Collection
Un-numbered beaker. Height; 10 cm.
Incised Remued and
stamped R.Hawkins.

Early Series 467

'W' Collection
Un-numbered mug,
base unmarked.
Height; 12 cm.
  'W' Collection
"Mr.Hawkins" mugs. Un-numbered,
incised Remued. Height 11.5 cm
Collection 'W'
Tea pot stands

Later Series 149 "Tea pot holder" (no numbered example recorded)


Allan & Myrtle James Collection
Un-numbered, incised Remued
Possibly Later Series 149?

Un-numbered, stamped PPP.
Diameter; 14 cm.
Motto; "Don't worry it may never happen".

The Junk Company, Melbourne