Shape numbers - Later Series
Click on a number to open the Later Series catalogue page for that number.
Ignore suffixes, dashes etc - for example 15-6 & 15-10-M are both catalogued at 15.
From the catalogue page, use the arrows to jump to the next or previous number.
For a general account of the Later Series and its numbering click here.

Later Series shapes from about number 69 to about number 132 were introduced under wartime regulations (1942 - 1945) banning the production of fancy non-utilitarian goods.
Most of these numbers also appear in the Early Series.
For the Early Series index click here.
Numbers past 200 are not found in the Later Series but they do exist in the Early Series - click here.
There is, however, a small group of numbers past 500 that are associated with the Later Series;

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