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History of Premier Pottery, and general information
The beginnings; PPP & Remued  1930-1934
Pamela Series 1934
Early Series  1934-1941/42
500 Series  1941/42
Later Series   1941/42-1955
'A' Series (post-1951) & Kerryl (post-1956);
'A' Series price list, October 1952
Kerryl products after the 'A' Series
Another Kerryl 'A' Series?
Animals and Birds;
3-dimensional animals & birds
Low-relief animals & birds
The 'Alphabet' Series
Which numbering series does a piece belong to?
Evidence for dating the numbering series
Suffixes in the numbering
Pitfalls in reading numbers; Imitations, & Fakes
Un-numbered and rare pieces;
Un-numbered PPP shapes (not jugs)
Un-numbered PPP jug shapes
Un-numbered plates, dishes & open bowls
Un-numbered very early Remued pieces
Specials, one-offs and Workman's pieces
Commemorative and souvenir items
A selection from the Marvin Hurnall collection
Some Question-marks and Mysteries

Catalogue by Series and Number
Pamela Series table
Early Series table
500 Series table
Later Series table
'A' Series/Kerryl table
           The 'Alphabet' Series

Catalogue by Shape
Cylindrical jugs 
Barrel-shaped jugs 
Conic-shaped jugs
Squat jugs   
Jugs with a bulbous base and flaring or elongated throat
Small jugs    
Very tall jugs    
Other jug shapes   
Un-numbered PPP jugs
Vases, Pots, deep Bowls;
Baluster-shaped vases
Conic-shaped vases.  
Barrel-shaped vases
Cylinder vases
'Waisted cylinders'   
Bulbous and globe-shaped vases and bowls
Flask-shaped vases    
Squat pots with wide mouths.
Fan vases
Wall-pocket vases
Trough vases and Posy rings    
Very tall vases  
Plates, Dishes, Open Bowls;
Kitchenware, Tableware, Bathroom ware
Lamp bases
Chambersticks, candlesticks
Ashtrays & cigarette holders
Commemorative and Souvenir items
Sundry other items
Specials, one-offs and Workman's pieces
Animals & birds
Some diagnostic features;
Wavy or fluted rims
Two-bulge profiles; 'double gourd' shapes
Vases with 3-way or 4-way mouth shapes
Two handles
Spiral handles

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Each series' table links to many individual shapes, not listed separately here.